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My father, Chu-shih Lu, is a retired sergeant who was born in China . Even though he is more than 80 years old, he still reads newspapers and watch TV news daily for understanding what happened in the world.

My mother, Li-Shang Ou Lu, had been an assistant at a dentist office in Taipei city for nine years. Last year, she quitted the job and became a full time housewife for taking care of my father. She has very excellent talent on creating handcrafts from cigarette boxes and cartons , such as animals, cartoon figures, vases, kettles, and so on.

My younger brother, Kang-Cheng Lu, is an engineer working in Taiwanese Silicon Valley-- Hsinchu Science Park --. Besides being a professional engineer, he is also an amateur tuba performer of the Hsinchu City Orchestra . In the Christmas of 2006, he married to Shu-Hui Tsai, a musical teacher at the junior high school in Hsinchu.

My boyfriend, Poulin Wu, got his Ph.D. in Math and Master Degree in Computer Science from L.S.U. After graduation, He worked for the EATEL Web Department as Technology Development Manager. Now, he is not only a senior Macromedia Coldfusion developer, but also Software Achitect in Convalent Logic. In college, he was a great amateur electronic guitar player of a rock roll band. I learn so much about the development of the rock roll music from him. His favorite rock bands, such as Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, and so on.

My boyfriend and I had a pet "Angela". She is the dark brown female cat with green eye balls. Eating and sleeping are the only two things she likes to do, so that her weight has reached 16 pounds. Human is the only species she likes to get along with. Once other animals, such as other cats or dogs, get close to her, she will fight with them until they surrender. However, thunder is the only thing she scares in the world. While thundering, she will open cabinet by herself and hide there until there is no more thunder. On April, 25, 2007, God took Angela to the Heaven after she suffered so much from serious Diabetes. It was a big shock to our life, but we believe that God is taking care of our beloved lady cat.



My Family FILE

Father:Chu-Shih Lu

Mother: Li-Shang Ou Lu

Brother: Kang-Cheng Lu

Boyfriend:Poulin Wu


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