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Taiwan Overview

Taiwan is located between the Philippines and Japan , 100 miles off the coast of China . It is roughly the size of the Netherlands and the state of West Virginia , USA . A number of smaller, nearby islands have had historic association with Taiwan , including the Pescadores , Green Island , Orchid Island , and Shiao Liu Chiu.

There are 22.5 million people live in the 14,000 squares miles area. The major cities in Taiwan are Taipei (Capital), Kaohsiung , Taichung , Tainan . The major ethic groups in Taiwan are Taiwanese, 84%; mainland Chinese, 14%; aborigine, 2% while the languages in Taiwan are Mandarin (official), Taiwanese (Min), Hakka Chinese dialects. Moreover, the major religion is the mixture of Buddhist, Confucian and Taoist.

Top 4 Locations you must not miss in Taiwan

National Palace Museum

The world's largest collection of oriental art treasures, spanning over five millennia of history. Much of the immense collection of jade, porcelain, paintings, and bronzes is regularly rotated, so each visit is unique.


Taroko National Park

Taroko National Park is primarily made up of mountains, except for the Central Cross-Island Highway (Tai No. 8 highway) and Suhua Highway (Tai No. 9 Highway). Most of the Park's villages and scenic spots are along these two highways.

Lungshan Temple

The temple is located in the western Taipei . It is the oldest temples in Taipei and one of the most famous temples in Taiwan . In the whole year, a large amount of visitors and worshippers crowd at here and prey for their good fortunate.


Sun Moon Lake National Scenic Area

The old name for Sun Moon Lake was "Where water and sand meet". The lake is the largest fresh water lake in Taiwan and is so termed because its northern end is shaped like the sun and its southern half shaped like a sickle moon.


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