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It's PiJung Lu. I am an MBA Graduate with a duel concentrating of MIS and Marketing at Southeastern Louisiana University. By the way, I got an assistantship working for Dept. of Educational Leadership and Technology as a Graduate Assistant when I studied my MBA degree. After my graduation, I worked for Workforce Logic as a Quality Rater helping to improve and enchance the quality of Google Search Engine.

Career Plan

Before being a full time student in SLU, I got my undergraduate degree in mass communication from Hsin-Shin University and had worked in my home country"Taiwan"for six years. I was a planning specialist of Dept. of advertising at the Taiwan 's leading magazine"Common Wealth". The mission of the magazine is to become Taiwan 's "Economist" Magazine. After completing my MBA degree, I hope to get a job which is related to marketing management and information system management at an international corporation. more

Personal Interest

In the leisure time, I always like to be a traveller with the camera. By now, I visited the follwing countries in the world: Hong Kong, Japan, Singapore, Austrualia, Turkey, France, Spain, and U.S.. Traveling not only makes me know how beautiful the whole world is, but also helps me understand how to get along with people coming from different cultures. I always make a wish that one day, I will travel around the whole world and exhibit the photos I take when travelling. more



Name: PiJung Lu

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Current live in:
Baton Rouge, LA

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